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"Mindfulness is the energy of being aware and awake to the present moment. It is the continuous practice of touching life deeply in every moment. To be mindful is to be truly alive and at one with those around us. Practicing mindfulness does not require that we go anywhere different.

We can practice mindfulness in our room and our our way from one place to another. We can do very much the same things we always do - walking, sitting, working, eating, talking - except we learn to do them with an awareness of what we are doing."

From Happiness: Essential Mindfulness Practices by Thich Nhat Hanh.

(please) Mind The Planet is a sharing: a sharing of information that I have come across, most of which does not appear to be widely known. Since the implications of what is happening to our climate is quite serious, I felt personally compelled to let others know what I have learned. I hope that you will find this site interesting, and motivating. If so, maybe you will feel compelled to share this knowledge with others as well. That would be very nice.

While what we are about to investigate about can be complicated, I have tried to keep the important pieces clear and simple. The basic scientific facts can be easily summarized:

     The climate is changing
     We are the ones causing it, and
     The consequences will be very bad.

The science of global warming, its consequences and the attempts by many vested interested in spreading confusion and disinformation about what is really happening (aka Climate Myths) are described in the section called The Science, Myths & Consequences.

Even though this is a serious topic about potentially significant changes to our way of life, we are not without hope. You will see how simply living mindfully can reduce and even eliminate the risks we are taking today. The 3 Big Easy things we can all do are described in the The Mindful Practices.

This site is still being developed and evolving; there will be many changes over the new few weeks as we add slides from the live presentations. Please keep checking back ... and referring others to visit this site.

Bernie Clark

This section describes the science of climate change and global warming, as described in the top scientific journals and by the top scientific organizations in the world. Unfortunately, many people are trying to deliberately confuse us by refering to non-peer reviewed, non-credible scientific sources. Their games are revealed in the page on "Myths". Once we can understand the basic and, actually quite simple, basis of global warming, we are ready to look at the potentially devasting consequences that await us, if we do not change our ways.

1 - The Science of Climate Change
2 - The Consequences today and tomorrow
3 - The Myths many want you to believe

Don't just take our word for this. Check it all out for yourself!

In this section, you can visit other sites that provide clear information on the science of climate change, the consequences of the changes, and what we can all do about it. Even more, there are some really good sites listed to help you understand why the climate myths being spread today are just that: myths.

To help reduce, or even eliminate the risk we are taking with our climate, all we need to do is follow these 3 easy Mindfulness Practices. They are easy! Anyone can do these to a greater or lesser degree, and they are BIG! Living mindfully can change the world we live in. The practices are:

1 - Mindful Consuming - including

     1.1 - Mindful Eating
     1.2 - Mindful Traveling
     1.3 - Mindful Buying

2 - Mindful Voting
3 - Mindful Communicating

In this section you will see the next scheduled public showing of (please) Mind The Planet.

Also this section contains excerpts from the live presentation, in the form of YouTube snippets. (These are still under development: not quite ready yet!)