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About Us

(please) Mind The Planet is a creation of Bernie Clark, inspired by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh and other environmentally and spiritually awakened ones who have tried to get us all to awaken to the challenge of this century. Human caused climate and environmental changes have already costs thousands of lives; this is not just a threat to future generations, it is a threat to millions of people, animals and plants living today. The intention behind this web site is to provide a place for people who are concerned about the changes we are causing to find out the basic scientific facts known about climate change and global warming, and to learn what we can do to reduce the terrible risk we are all facing.

Bernie has been involved peripherally in the science of remote sensing for over 25 years, through his work as an executive at MDA in Vancouver, Canada. MDA is Canada's largest and oldest space company, and builds systems and satellites that monitor the earth from air and space. MDA, for example, has built the Canadian series of Radarsat satellites, which constantly monitor the Arctic ice, as well as ocean and land changes. Bernie has a degree in science from the University of Waterloo, however he is not a scientist, and has a credibility index rating of 1. (See the Credibility Index section to learn more about the credibility index. People with a credibility index of 1 need to provide links to the sources of their information, so that other people can check out for themselves the veracity of any statements. For this reason there are many hyperlinks and resources referred to within this site.)

Bernie has also been a teacher of yoga and meditation practice since 1998. He is an author of books on these topics and manages the web site, www.YinYoga.com. It is through the non-technical side of Bernie's life that he developed a deep appreciation for the benefits of mindful living. As mentioned above, Bernie studies in the traditions of Thich Nhat Hanh and has spent time in Thay's monasteries and retreats learning how to apply mindfulness practices in daily life.

Vested interests should be acknowledged. Bernie has a personal stake in everyone becoming mindful of the changes we are causing and the risks we are taking with our planet. He has two grown children and a grandson on the way. He is quite concerned about the quality of life that the next generations will be left with, due to the risks we are all taking today. Bernie lives in Vancouver, Canada.