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Resources and Cool Links

The Good News - What we can do!

The science is scary and we do not have much time, but there is still time. We need to act quickly though. Here are several sites with some very good ideas that we, and our politicians should be adopting.

  •      How to tell others what you know-made easy: form a circle with your friends!
  •      Lots of local and global advice
  •      Full of scary facts and wonderful solutions including political ones
  •      A business leaders' initiative endorsed and actively promoted by the world's top executives.
  •      Hands-on tools that help individuals and businesses reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution
  •      Be one of 1,311,836 supporters of the Stop Global Warming Virtual March
  •      Enable residents to take individual action to reduce their own energy use
  •      Help identify the best seafood choices, for you and the planet
  •      One example of gold-standard carbon offsets for slowing global warming

The Science

Here are some great links if you want to see what is happening according to the scientists. Some are quite technical, others give a good layman's overview. The links below go from laymen to expert level.

  •      NCAR's Weather and Climate Basics
  •      Bill Nye's (the Science Guy) easy to understand explanation of Climate Change
  •      The David Suzuki Foundation's video primer on Climate Change
  •      A teacher on a mission explains the science in an entertaining way
  •      NASA's explanation of Global Warming
  •      RealClimate is a commentary site on climate science by working climate scientists
  •      Climate Change at the National Academies of Science
  •      The UNEP Climate Change Science Compendium 2009
  •      The IPCC Frequently Asked Questions Page
  •      The IPC 4th Assessment Report itself!
  •      The Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Transportation

The Myths

There are lots of disinformation campaigns out there, all trying to confuse the general public and discourage us from taking the necessary action we need to take to end the great Greenhouse Gamble. Here are some links you can turn to whenever you hear about a new "myth" about why the climate isn't really changing, or we aren't the ones changing it, or the consequences will be minor, so don't worry. Check these out:

  •      Number one source forinformation regarding Global Warming misinformation campaigns
  •      Greenpeace's expose of dirty oil's dirty tricks
  •      These are YouTube videos highlighting misinformation deliberately being spread. See them all!
  •      George, author of Heat and Guardian newspaper writer, frequently exposes climate myths
  •      Exposes the "spin" of many organizations and where they get their funding
  •      Watch a November 15, 2006 report called, The Denial Machine

Good Reading (Books)

There are more and more excellent books available now. Books that can tell us what is happening, books that tell us what it will mean, but most importantly books that can help us work out what to do! Here are some highly rated offerings, with links to Amazon.com so you can learn more.

  • Highly Recommended: We can do this! This books tell us how
  • Well researched, with a good political and economic look at what we must do
  • A Canadian scientist and IPCC member shares his important views and guidance
  • Some simple and powerful mindfulness practice to preserve our planet by a Zen master
  • Rediscover our place in nature
  • Exposes the strategies, tactics and people behind the myths about global warming
  • A glimpse into the not-too-distant future, if we don't fix the problem soon

The Best of the Best

Visit DeSmogBlog to help you clear the air. DeSmogBlog is a must visit site to help you debunk the organized climate deniers

What are the odds?

The Great Greenhouse Gamble

Visit this site and see the work that the researchers at M.I.T. have done to work out the odds of our climate's temperature rising over the next century. Parental Guidance Advised! This is a scary page.